Therapy is more than just Talk

Rational means simply, clearly, logically. The science of psychology is quite new. The medical field is just getting good at understanding what works. In the past, practitioners had to choose a theoretical orientation by which to try out models of therapy. These days, we know enough about what works well to more efficiently engage the right intervention; for the right person; at the right time.

Here at Rational Therapeutics, we understand that therapy is a human-centered process. Our initial task is to quickly establish a safe environment that allows for free exploration and natural goal development.  We endeavor to earn trust through respectful, prompt, reliable and skillful service.  A comforting approach to therapy does not blame an individual or assume simple solutions to complex problems while, at the same time, challenges growth, empowerment and awareness.

Healing in therapy requires a good “fit” between therapist and client. We will help you evaluate this fit to make an informed decision. If we discover we are not a good match, we will work with you to find the right solution (including other treatment modalities and other therapists). We will be continually open to your feedback as a partner throughout the therapeutic process. We will consider any effective treatment components. While we focus on cognitive, behavioral, systemic and intra-psychic interventions and work with competent professionals to incorporate medicinal and other interventions into your treatment plan.

We have specialized training in treating insomnia, chronic depression, substance use disorders, post-concussive symptoms, anxiety & panic, depressive symptoms and post-trauma symptoms.

While the differences between individuals are greater than the similarities that exist within groups, we understand that being culturally competent is integral in the therapeutic process. Each therapist at Rational Therapeutics has invested in and continues to take personal steps in developing his and her own cultural competence for our own fulfillment and in an effort to help others on this journey. We have worked with and seen individuals succeed from many different groups including men, women, children, LGTBQ individuals, religious folks, non-religious folks, spiritualists, professionals, people with few resources, students, disadvantaged groups and hundreds of variations in-between.

Please call or email anytime if you would like to discuss your specific situation.