J. Nile Wagley, PhD, PLC

Training and competency in these areas:

Depressive Symptoms
Post-concussive symptoms
Substance Use Disorders
Personality Assessment
Group Therapy
Couples Counseling
FSIQ Assessment
Adventure Based Counseling
Leadership Training
Community Psychology Clinic Management
Program Development
Personality Disorders
Clinical Supervision


Smoking cessation therapy groups at the Charlottesville Free Clinic.
Co-founder of university international student organization.
Social services provider and outreach for Cambodian refugees.
Youth violence/gang interventions.
Teach English & Cambodian language courses.
Translate in court and hospital, legal aid, community advocate.


Research Methods
Abnormal Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Medical Health Professionals
Brief Interventions for Substance Abuse in Medical Settings


Journal of Clinical Psychology: 
Effectiveness of Abbreviated CBT for Insomnia in Psychiatric Outpatients: Sleep and Depression Outcomes